PGA Championship Round 2 Live Blog

Played hooky today to watch the 2nd round of the PGA championship. I decided to live blog it for your enjoyment.  All times are in CST because the tournament is in Wisconsin. Most recent updates are up top, so this works best if you start from the bottom and scroll up to read.

1:24 It may be time for my mid-day golf nap. Don’t judge me. I’m out for now.

1:20 Next feature group will be Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and Ricky Fowler. I’m getting exhausted. Live blogging ain’t for the weak.

1:13 Spieth and Mcllroy both with birdie putts on their final hole of the day. Mcllroy misses, and finishes with -2 for the tournament. Spieth misses by the birdie (by an inch) and finishes at -6 under for the tournament.

1:10 These hack announcers are egging on people to tweet them pictures of people watching the tournament at work. They’re amazement at people with dual monitor setups is alarming. These clowns obviously don’t know much about the cube life.

1:03 There’s been tons of dialog about who owns this one single boat that keeps going back and forth on the lake. It’s the only one out there, and the latest theory is that it’s Ted Turner (owner of TNT)

1:00 Hack announcer says Eli Manning is the best QB in the NFL. 2nd time today I’ve needed no punch-line. Wow.

12:58 Aaron Rodgers is watching on the tee box at the 9th green. Hack announcer spots him, circles him, draws an arrow to him, and fans start immediately yelling “Hey Rodgers!”- You can’t script this stuff.


12:54 I would have won a lot of money. They went 0-3 and all made par.

12:50 Again we have 3 birdie putts for Spieth, Rory, and Zach on the 8th, but none are really makeable. I’d bet a lot of money they go 0-3.

12:49 It blows my mind that this app has only crashed one time so far. Honestly expected to be on 5-6 crashes by now.

12:44 Some guy named Hiroshi currently has a 9 under on the day. #63watch is on

decent round

12:40 Just heard the first “Ba-Ba-Booey” on the 8th hole after a Spieth mash off the tee. Hack announcer was chuckling (I was too). Before there was FHRITP there was Bababooey. Role clip:

12:26 Hack announcer just announced his lunch: chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake. That makes me feel a little better about my cold pizza and beer.

12:24 With that birdie, Jordan Spieth is now officially tied for the lead at -6. Lets GOOOO! I made this pic back during the Masters a few months back, and it’s perfect for this moment. Spieth Comin’ yo!

Spieth Comin

12:23 Rory attempt: Buckets. Spieth’s Attempt: buckets! Johnson’s attempt: no good!  I would have lost a lot of money.

12:20 Spieth, Mcllroy, and Johnson all have birdie putts from inside 10 feet here on the par 4, 6th hole. I’d bet a lot of money they go three for three.

12:16 Someone spotted a Tiger on the practice green.

12:13 I’m getting a little burned out on my live blog now that the pace has again slowed down to a snail’s speed. I love Spieth, but the dude takes forever to hit golf shots.

12:08 Spieth pars the 5th, and this “special guest” is still yammering on about the dumbest shit. Some Sweedish guy named Lingmerth has now taken the tournament lead over Dustin Johnson.

11:55 The Secretary of the PGA women’s championship is the “special guest”. I don’t even need a punch-line here.

11:53 Hack Announcer just teased a “special guest” coming up after the break and I’m on currently sitting on pins and needles. I hope like hell its Greg Norman.

11:49 We have are first camera shot from “Drone Cam” and it’s awesome.

11:48 Current Leaderboard


11:45 “It may rain in Negative town”-Hack Announcer. But it seriously is clouding up and looks pretty threatening. I’m going to be pissed if it does.

11:43 The Live stream is starting to severely lag: Lunch Break, USA

11:40 (player hits shot)- “I think he loves that”- (almost lands in water) ::awkward silence::

11:39 As soon as I rip the announcers they completely redeem themselves by discussing their pitch for a new commercial: are you ready for it? Okay good. Their tagline: “golfballs that listen”

EDIT: I guess it already exists??

11:38 The early announcers were electric, and now they’ve either lost their energy or have run out of jokes. There’s constantly long pauses of complete silence. Yawn.

11:30 Cracked the first tallboy. Let’s get it going.


11:27 Spieth birdies the 3rd and moves just one shot back of the lead. Pars for Rory and Zach.

11:24  More commercials. Time to check the fridge to see what we got. Two pieces of cold pieces of pizza and a tallboy.

11:22 We’re on to the par 3 3rd hole- Spieth knocks it within 5 feet, and will have a very makeable birdy. Rory and Zach on the green, but nothing realistically makeable.

11:15 I’m getting kind of hungry, trying to decide between Chinese, wings, burgers, or chipotle. I’ll probably go get some food after this feature group finishes, but that’s probably about 1.5 hours from now.

11:13 Spieth with a 15 foot birdie chance, leaves it way short- still has 5 feet for par, but he hit it. I think it’s time to crack a beer to spice up this live blog.

11:11 Mcllroy with a Chip in EAGLE!!! FIREWORKS ALLL OVER THE COUSE THIS MORNING! He needed that shit in the worst way.

11:06 The pace has slowed down to a crawl on this par 5 nothing of note happening. They just brought in a new announcer to spice things up. This guy looks like an absolute clown with the way he’s wearing his headphones.

2015-08-14 11.06.10

10:56 Zach’s putt comes about as close as you possibly can to making it with out going in. He looks pretty silly just standing there staring at it with his hands on his hips waiting for gravity to do it’s thing.


10:44  It’s early, but Spieth’s climbing the leaderboard: he’s currently tied for 13th and Rory is currently 41st and Zach is 59th

10:43 Spieth yelling “BITE” “BITE” “BITE” “BITE” sounding a little possessed. I like the passion though.

10:37 Meanwhile Rory is making a mockery of this hole, and botching shot after shot. Misses a 9 footer for bogey- ends with a double. He lost 3 shots to Jordan on this one hole. Z.Johnson with a bogey

10:36 JORDAN SPIETH WITH A CHIP IN FROM THE BUNKER! WOW! That guy is the real deal. Currently 3 shots back from the lead.

10:29 The App has officially crashed for the first time. I have a feeling this is going to be a long afternoon. Sure I’d love to watch another 15 second commercial as the app reloads. My prediction is over 10 crashes on the day. App crash count: 1

10:28 Spieth and Mcllroy with perfect tee shots on 18 and Zach shanked the shit out of his drive into the bunker. Pace has slowed a bit as the feature group is waiting for people in front of them to go.

10:22 Boat just went by with a “hi Steve” duct taped to the sail. Announcer: “Steve you’re a lucky man” (i didn’t get a pic, but drew this lifelike portrait)


10:21 Bad putter at can’t read greens twitter handle just got a shout out on the air. yup this twitter egg.


10:19 I’ve decided that these announcers are officially awesome. They’re treating this like their own personal comedy hour. They were just discussing being at a sports bar for the Packers game last night and how it was surreal

10:16 Announcers are discussing the PGA app, and they’re making fun of the marketing department’s slogan of “It’s Free! So get it”

10:12 Spieth and McIllroy both hit their balls on the green within a foot of each other balls,  but they both ended up missing 7 footers for birdie

10:09 We join our action with the feature group on hole 17 (they started at the 10th) with current scores Mcllroy (-2), Spieth (-2), and Z. Johnson (E)

10:08 The announcers are talking about a boat in the water that’s “going after a drone that went down” I don’t want, I NEED more info on the drone down.

10:05 I spent about 10 minutes trying to find a good working live stream. The one at was broken so I downloaded the app to watch on my iPad instead.


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