Lil’ Dicky has the most popular rap album in the world.

LilDicky1 Go ahead and file this one under “no shit”.

This dude Lil Dickey, aka Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis aka the Independent Variable, has always had legit talent and flow, but today he has the #1 selling rap album in the world. Sure his lyrics are ridiculous, but they hit home for a lot of people and are so bluntly accurate. I’m happy for Dicky, because he seems like a genuine, everyday joe schmo that we can all find something in common with.

Lil’ Dickey blew up for me about 2-3 years ago when I was blasting him at a pregame patry one night before heading out to the bars. People kept asking me “who is this guy” and I’d explain to them that he was probably just going to be the biggest rapper in the world in a few years.

I’m not one to toot my own horn, but:


(toot toot) I was on the money from day one on this guy.

His first video called “Ex-Boyfriend” went viral about 2 or 3 years back.

Using Melissa Soria (and her ass) as the girlfriend in this video was a genius move on his part. She was a relative unknown at the time and it definitely helped send this video around the web pretty quickly. Especially with moves like this


Truth be told, I thought that this jam was a little over-rated, and anyone could put out a funny one hit wonder which was popular for a day. But then Dicky did something that not many people in this world have the guts to do. He saw the success of his original video, and made a decision to go for it as a real rapper. Over the next 5 months, he grinded out 1 new song every week and produced over 15 new videos.

One of the standout songs of this time was “white dude” which really put Dicky on the map with a bunch of people. It also showed that this guy wasn’t just a one hit wonder.

Eventually Dicky ran out of money and turned to Kickstarter which point blank asked people to fund the next phase of his rap career. People did, as he raised $110,000 bucks on his goal of $70,000.

If you’ve never heard of Dickey until this blog, do yourself a favor and watch this video of him rapping at a radio station. This is clearly a rare talent.

Two weeks ago, Dicky dropped his debut album appropiatly titled “Professional Rapper”, and today it’s officially the #1 rap album in the game. Tracks on the album feature some of the biggest names in rap today like Snoop Dogg, T Pain, Rich Homie Quan, and Fetty Wap.

atta boy dicky, atta boy.




PS- Since I have a superior eye for up and coming talent, be on the lookout for the rise of the rapper “Froggy Fresh” in a few years. He has a lot of funny stuff on youtube, but his jam ‘Same Old Kid’ trumps anything played on mainstream radio today.


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