Cara Delevingne is Officially on the Map

I had no idea who this little minx was until I saw this awkward interview with some loser morning news cast out in Sacramento.

Screw up her name? check
Ask her if she’s read the book about her movie? check
Insult her energy level? check.
Suggest that shes irritated? check.
Suggest she take a little nap and drink a Redbull? check and check.

Absolutely awful line of questioning by all three anchors here. Just dreadful questions. And how bout that female anchor huh? Bitch mode city. This is a classic case of the frumpy company woman going after the supermodel just because she can. To keep talking shit about someone after they go offline is about as unprofessional as it gets. Be a Pro for me one time Good Day Sacramento.

This news team was insufferable. Newsflash idiots, you work in Sacramento, California. Nobody gives a fuck about you. Especially this Cara Delevingne chick who’s probably just coming off a night off partying her ass off with the release of her multi-million dollar blockbuster movie. What did you expect?

Bottom line is that this Cara chick is going to be a Hollywood A-Lister within the next 2 years. Hell, she may already be. I was shocked to find out that she has over 3.3 million Twitter followers and over 16.4 million followers on the gram. She’s been pulling in millions from her modeling/singing/acting career and the sky is the limit for this budding superstar from jolly old London.






PS- Hey Good Day Sacramento- STAY LOW!


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