10 Years from Now…

Sometimes it’s fun to think about where the world will be 10 years from now. 10 years ago, I got my first cell phone in 2005. It looked like this.


10 years ago, we couldn’t have dreamed of a single device that plays your music, movies, and internet and can fit in your pocket. Now I have an iPhone 6.

Here are things I see taking off in the next 10 years.

Drones– It’s no secret that I really like drones. They fascinate me with the wide range of things they can be used for. I really think as drones become more reliable, they’ll be used for delivery services, the filming industry, surveillance and security. We’re actually just scratching the surface for the use of these drones. The only thing that could be a roadblock is the government ruling on airspace on private property. I think we’ll see A LOT more drones in the coming years.


Smart/ Self Driving Cars– It’s no secret that Google and Tesla and Uber are dumping tons of money into advancing technology in motor vehicles. Smarts cars, or self driving cars have a potential to change the way everyone does business. They now have these sensors on cars that can detect objects and allow vehicles to drive themselves. I believe that every car will have built in WI-FI in just 10 years as well. Smart cars will completely change the transportation industry and I believe we are closer to self driving cars than people think.

self driving car

Robotic Weapons– With all the good things in advancements with technology and artificial intelligence I think that we are going to see a rise in the use of robotic weapons in warfare. This is a little uncomfortable to think about- but I think that once word gets around that any country is loading up on robotic weapons, I think we’re going to have an ‘arms race’ between all nations of the world to build up their robotic armies.

robotic weapons

Smart Homes– The smart watch has been a bit of a flop so far, but I think the smart watch is the first step towards the introduction of a smart house. A smart home will have A/C, heating ,sprinkler systems, diswashers, washers, lights, sounds, security systems, etc. all controlled on a timer/remote/watch/phone.


Cable Companies will be dead. We’re on our way there now with Netflix, Hulu, HBOgo, etc. In the future, I see individual channels being like a buffet, and you can pick out and pay for the ones you want. Further down the line, I see this changing you just buying subscriptions to certain shows and or sporting events.


Sporting events streaming online– with the cable companies collapsing, I think we’re going to see sporting events slowly transition to online streaming. The NFL is going to stream a game on yahoo this upcoming season, and that is just the tip of the iceberg for the online streaming business. Once the major sports jump from the networks to digital devices, the cable companies will be done.

sports streaming

Obviously these are just my humble predictions, but I will say that they next 10 years should bring along a lot of interesting advancements in society. It should be fun to watch.


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