Grillin’ and Chillin’ with Some Beer Can Chicken (bonus recipe)

beer can chicken2

Lazy Saturday is well underway.

8:00 a.m.- Wake up with hangover.

9:30 a.m.-Brunch and Mimosas.

11:00 a.m.-Beer/Food Run.

12:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.-Grillin’ and Chillin till the evening festivities.

Pretty standard Saturday, but when I suggested we do a little throwback daytime grilling with some “beer can chicken”, I was shocked that about 90% of people I was with had never even heard of grilling a chicken that way. So I was thinking to myself “Damn, if they haven’t heard of it- I bet a ton of my readers probably haven’t either”. This is one of my favorite things to cook, because it’s fast, delicious, easy, cheap, and people are always pretty impressed with it. Everyone likes chicken, and there’s a lot of different things you can do with leftovers (if there are any) once your done.

There’s a bunch of different ways to do beer can chicken, but here’s my favorite method- which I masted back in my college days:

1. Get a chicken 3-5lbs, and wash it.

2. Base it in vegetable oil and apply your favorite rub (i used a garlic lemon pepper barbecue grilling seasoning)- some people use just Italian dressing or you can just make your own.

3. Grab a beer, and drink 1/2 of it.

4. Put some Old Bay seasoning inside the beer (about a spoonful) and a little butter too.

5. Put the chicken on the beer can and stand it up like a tri-pod on the grill.

a. I like to add a quarter of onion to the chicken before sliding it on top of the beer can. This is optional, but I think it     makes it taste better. You can put it on top of the beer and then slide the chicken on.

b. Some people will put bacon strips on top of the chicken once it’s set up-I’ve never done it, but it is something I’d like to try-let me know if you’ve done it this way.

6. Grill in indirect heat for about 75-90 minutes until chicken is ~180 degrees internal (if no thermometer cut in and if the liquid coming out is clear it’s done)

beer can chickenOnce it’s off the grill, remove the can, and let it sit for 10 minutes and your done. This is a really easy recipie, but it tastes so good, because the beer and spices steam up and keep the chicken real moist from the inside. It tastes awesome too. I usually serve it with grilled corn on the cob, which is really easy to do too. Just keep the corn in it’s stalk, and grill them for about 15-20 minutes until the outside of the stalks are charred black (don’t worry the corn won’t be burned). I usually pop these on after the chicken’s been on the grill for an hour so it all comes out at the same time piping hot.

grilled corn

(some chick took this snap and I asked her to send it to me- I didn’t know it would come with that emoji-but i’d be lying if I said i didn’t chuckle when she sent it over)

This is a great recipe to put in your arsenal, because chicks absolutely love it. As soon as you jam that chicken on the grill, they’ll be snapping/gramming/tweeting everyone in their contacts. Even if you think you can’t cook, I guarantee you can’t screw this up. It makes the bitches drip, and it tastes great every time. Winner winner beer can chicken dinner. Thank me later on twitter @salsastoolie


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