The new Home Run Derby rules are awesome.

If you haven’t heard yet, the grandpa’s running the MLB have finally modified the HR Derby to make it more TV friendly. Gone are the days of listening to Chris Berman’s bum ass fill dead air between “BACK BACK BACK” and “EHHHHH”. Nobody circles the wagon like the Buffalo Bills, and nobody breaths heavier than Chris Berman. Nobody.

Here’s the major changes they’ve made to the Home Run Derby:

  • No more 10 outs system where a non-HR is an Out
  • You have 5 minutes to blast as many HR’s a possible
  • You have an opportunity to earn up to 1:30 of Bonus time if you hit HR’s over 420 ft.
  • Clock stops in the final minute on HR’s until a Non-HR is hit.

Here’s the complete memo on the new rules if your interested in the deets:

In my opinion, this is the first smart change that they’ve made to this contest in a long time. I vaguely remember the Derby going until 1am EST last year because the 1st round lasted about 3 hours. Absolutely BRUTAL.

Now if the MLB could just implement my plan to save major league baseball, we may be on to something special here.


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