I’m going to teach you how to win money in draftkings on Golf

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US Open 2015 picks

Normally I wouldn’t post this, but I don’t care, and it may actually help someone win some money. It also may help to shine light on my thought process when selecting a team for one of these big money Golf Tourney contests by Draft Kings.

My way of selection is not guaranteed to work, but I’ve consistently made money off this system for the past 2 years. It’s a basic strategy that takes a little of your time, but will give you a leg up on almost everyone that enters the contest. Draft Kings is great because you really only need to get in the top 20% to get your money back, and the top 10% will get you some profit. I’m going to teach you my method to picking the smartest team so that at the very least, you should get your money back. It’s going to be a little difficult to follow if you’ve never played Draft Kings, but if you have, I hope it helps (or at least makes you think).

For clarity, I’m talking about the “turn 20 into $1,000,000” challenge for golf majors only. The tourney we’re entering today is the US Open Pool with 2.5 million in prizes. Always check to see the payout percentage:
This tourney cuts off at 143,100 entries and pays out to the top 29,420. That means that 20.56% of the entries will make at least 25.00 on their 20 dollar entrance fee. That means that you only need to beat about 80% of the field to make a small profit.

For this contest, you pick 6 golfers, and the highest score at weeks end wins. You need guys that make the cut and guys that have a chance at finishing high. There’s a pretty simple method to give yourself the best opportunity to win.

1st- Download the CSV excel file by clicking the bottom button on the lobby screen.
when it downloads it will list the golfers by cost to obtain (best to worst for that week)

2nd- Go check out the odds for each player to win on your favorite sports book site. I use sportsbook.ag
-click on odds to win on the left and it will list the players with the best odds that week. This list will be similar to the list you have on your excel file.

3rd- Create a column on your excel file and manually input each players odds to win so you can visualize the discrepancies and observe the players that are the best bang for your buck financially. Then sort the players on your excel file by best odds to win the Tournament. You can see the value picks that I chose highlighted by the orange box in the picture below.

You have one decision to make and that’s do you take the 6 best value you picks, or do you take 1 or 2 of the top guys and then a few lesser guys to hope for the best. That’s up to you. Personally I’ve usually had the most success with going with the 6 guys with the best value then make adjustments from there. The first team of 4 that I selected is represented by the letter P on the chart (called my ‘base roster’) and it ended up being the second best team overall that I picked out.

4th- Look carefully at your list for the outliers and the best values 1st. These are highlighted in orange

5th- Choose your ‘base roster’ by picking the 6 highest guys you can afford. You’ll probably have to start around the 8334 price range (budget of 50,000/6 spots).

6th- After making a ‘base roster’ (shown by roster P in the diagram) play around with different options. These are represented by teams E,Z, and M on the chart. I recommend you make about 3-5 rosters while honing in on the guys that you see as terrific value and then seeing what kind of superstars you can afford at the end. As a rule of thumb, I typically don’t pick the top 1-5 most expensive players. Start with a solid squad and then experiment with different players costing more and less around the clump that you select. As you can see, only one of my teams had a top 5 player selected. Keep in mind that you won’t have the superstars like Rory, Phil, or Spieth- but you’ll have the best overall opportunity of having these 6 guys make the cut which will guarantee you more points in the long run. Having all your guys make the cut is crucial to making money in these tournaments.

7th- Once you’ve made your team selections (I made four in this tournament), you can either enter all as separate entries or pick the best of the ones you’ve made. I chose to just enter one roster in this tournament which I highlighted in yellow (team M).

8th- To select the best roster, refer to the odds to win column and add up the numbers of the 6 players and select the lowest of the teams that you’ve created for the best odds to win.

I know that may sound confusing, but I put together a picture of my spreadsheet which shows my thought process on the four teams I came up with, how I organized them, and how I ultimately made my selection (highlighted in yellow).

US Open 2015 picks

A couple of final thoughts: It’s all about these golfers making the cut. If you have all 6 make the cut you’re gold, if you have 5/6 make the cut your still OK, but won’t win much. If you have 4 or less make the cut you’re done. Having all 6 guys going into the weekend is an awesome feeling, and this method gives you a good shot at doing just that. Again- there is no guarantee, but by publishing this blog, I hope this helps makes someones roster decisions a little easier.

It should be real interesting to see how this roster does tomorrow, now that I’ve put this all out there. Best of luck to you all.

I’ll edit this post with how my roster ended up on Sunday Evening. Hopefully I’ll be a Millionaire the next time we talk. Good luck out there my people, and have a weekend.

EDIT 6/22: Click here for my results


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