What’s more of a Psychopath Move?

All of these eating maneuvers blow my mind. Which takes the cake as the most outrageous consumption method.

1. Biting across the Kit-Kat break lines.
kit kat crazy

2. Biting an ice cream scoop on an ice cream cone.

3. Biting a string cheese stick.
string chee

My vote goes to biting an ice cream cone. That’s insane.

Since I’m sure you’re wondering, I’ve been told that the the strangest food habit i have is de-boning buffalo wings using the twist pull method. peel wing gif

PS- When I was thinking about string cheese, I was reminded of a great recipe from my college days. We used to crush tons of these things after coming home from the bars back in the day. They also make a good party appetizer, and are something that everyone should know about.
Pepperoni Pizza rolls


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