Rooting for Irrelevant Teams is the Worst


I’ve said it before, but rooting for an irrelevant team is the worst. The Hawks are one of the most irrelevant teams in sports. Most teams will suck for a while, but then they’ll have a few good seasons to balance out the good with the bad. The Hawks have blown ass, and been a laughing stock of the NBA for the better part of the last 50 years. Even when we were okay, we were never seen as a real playoff threat, which is true because they’ve never even been to the Eastern Conference finals.

As a lifelong Atlanta Hawks fan, I can’t think of any teams that have been more irrelevant than this team over the past half century.When you ask the average Joe Schmo to tell you something about the Hawks, they’ll bring up Dominique Wilkins dunking against MJ in the Dunk contest or they’ll mention Spud Webb’s dumb ass. Our claims to NBA fame are to two players from dunk contests which took place about 30 years ago. That’s it.

As a kid growing up in the 1990’s we had 1 or 2 solid Hawks teams (Dikembe Mutumbo, Mookie Blaylock, & Steve Smith era), but we always ended up in a disappointment thanks to MJ, Shaq and Penny. During that time, ATL was a Braves town but we continued to be a city mocked as having “the worst sports fans in the nation”- and the media was right. We did suck as fans, and to a large degree, we still do. We haven’t had a winning sports team in a while, so I can understand why people just weren’t interested. Every single one of our sports teams were irrelevant.

Tonight the hawks have a chance to go to the Eastern Conference finals for the first time in franchise history. We are 0-15 in the second round of the NBA playoffs all time. That stat is absolutely preposterous!

I’m about to go park my ass on a bar stool at my favorite local pub and enjoy the shit out of watching my team do something for the first time in franchise history.

This is our year. I’ve been saying it since December. I’ve personally watched about 70+ entire Hawks Games this year., which is about 65 more than the casual NBA fan. I know how good this team is. I know that they’re the real deal. The national media has no idea. We have a legit shot to go to the finals. Everything is lining up for us. The Cavs are hurt, the Warriors are stumbling, the Hawks have been playing their worst ball in this postseason. If the Hawks are ever going to put it all together, this is our year. Nobody believes in us, everyone is just sitting around waiting for us to fail so they can say “I told you so” when we go down. Well I got news for you:

We’re still here bitches!!!! One game away from eliminating the Wiz, 5 wins away from our first NBA finals birth and just a mere 9 wins from the ever elusive Atlanta Championship.

Let’s take a stroll down bad memory lane from a suffering Atlanta fan, and highlight the only times we’ve ever sniffed a Championship in my life.

1995 Braves- Won Title (Only title in ATL sports History) 


I remember the 1995 Atlanta Braves, but I wasn’t old enough to really appreciate it, and at that point I really thought the Braves would probably win 2-3 more titles. I had no idea what a cock tease that organization would be for the next decade in the playoffs. To this day, it remains the only title in the history of Atlanta sports making us the front-runner for worst sports city in the nation.

1998 Falcons- Lost Super Bowl

dirtybirdI remember the Falcons team of 1998 that stumbled their way into the Superbowl after knocking off the 14-2 Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship. I’ll never forget the joy of seeing Vikings kicker go wide right on a game winning FG attempt especially after making 100% of his kicks all year. That was awesome, until the Denver Broncos blew out the Falcons by about 40 points two weeks later in the Super Bowl. I’ll never forget the Dirty Bird Dance though.

1999 Braves- Lost in World Series


This was the season that we ran into the Yankee Buzzsaw. Our pitchers were all a little past their prime, and the series that the media built up as the “team of the decade vs. the team of the century” was a complete dumpster fire as the Yankees took the series 4-0.

2004 Falcons- Lost NFC Championship

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 31: Michael Vick #7 of the Atlanta Falcons runs the ball against Sean Considine #37 of the Philadelphia Eagles in NFL action December 31, 2006 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The Falcons also had a fantastic season in 2004 with Michale Vick where we got stonewalled by the Donovan McNabb led Eagles in the NFC Championship. That was a tough one to swallow.

2012 Falcons- Lost NFC Championship

The Falcons had another chance in the 2012 NFC Championship against the 49ers and this was probably the best chance that they’ll ever have in the Matt Ryan era. I was actually on a business trip and had to watch a majority of this game at a shitty airport terminal TV. I’ll never forget watching in horror as their 17 point lead evaporated against Colin Kapernick and having 2 shots to win from the 13 yard line with a minute left and failing on both plays. Brutal.

falcons nfc

2012 UGA Bulldogs- Lost SEC Championship (for National Title Berth) 

The other heartbreak that comes to mind is the UGA vs. Alabama SEC championship game in 2012. That was the year that the winner of that game would play a weak ass Notre Dame team in the National Championship. Alabama had crushed every team that year, and UGA had a shot to win from the 8 yard line as time ran out. Unfortunately time expired as a ball was tipped at the line and a Bulldog reacted by mistakenly catching the deflection from Aaron Murray’s pass. Gut wrenching.


2015 Atlanta Hawks- TBD

I’m on the record as saying that the only team that can beat us this year is the Golden State Warriors. Anyone else will be beat. This is the best team we’ve ever fielded an anything less than a finals appearance with this squad will be a disappointment. I’m rooting for anyone other than Golden State to come out of the West, because if that happens, it’s Atlanta’s championship to lose because the Championship goes through the ATL. How great is this???

These type of teams and opportunities only come around a few times in your life, and you can guarantee that i’ll be in Phillips Arena for at least one game when the Hawks finally make it to the finals in June.


Life is good. 9 more wins.  Lets Get It. To the bar I go.


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