Everything’s Coming up Salsa!

I don’t say this nearly enough, but I want to thank all of the readers for joining me on this ride so far.

I blog my ass off in hopes of entertaining you on a day to day basis, and I really appreciate you all for reading and the kind words of encouragement. It goes a long way to know that people are really enjoying the product I’m putting out there.

That said, we’ve reached a few milestones recently that I wanted to pass along.

I’ve published over 100 blogs now. 100+ blogs since we started back in November. That may not seem like a lot, but if you knew the time that I put into these things, it may shock you. Just as an FYI- I’ve recently added a “list of all posts” page link on the top menu. Now you’ll have easy access to every blog in the history of Salsa Speaks.

We’ve upped our Alexa ranking to 19,158,165 just in the past two months, which takes us into the top 3% of all websites on the planet. Fuck the 4%, we all about that 3% now. Yes I know the ranking is an estimation, but you’re a miserable person if you want to rain on my parade and get technical.

The website is on fire in regards to pageviews (again thank you). People are reading the blog, but more importantly people are coming back to read. I work my ass off to make it as entertaining as possible regardless of the topic, and the loyalty of the readers is what keeps me going.

We just eclipsed 600 followers on Twitter. It seems like just yesterday we were racing to 300, so lets do what we do here and Pop Champagne!

What fun is #Bloglife if you can’t celebrate the little wins along the way.

The Road to 700 starts now.


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