Pelicans coach thinks Golden State’s stadium is too loud

(via ESPN)- SAN FRANCISCO — After their Game 1 loss, New Orleans Pelicans coach Monty Williams suggested that the crowd noise at Oracle Arena, home of the Golden State Warriors, may not be within the league rules.

Speaking before the Pelicans’ morning shootaround ahead of Monday’s Game 2, Williams complimented the Warriors’ home crowd but suggested that the volume has gotten excessive.

“I’m not so sure the decibel level is legal, and I’m serious,” Williams said. “They’ve done studies on that. For the competition committee, there’s got to be something to that. It does get a little out of hand. Their fans, I’ve talked about it for years, they have some of the best fans in the league.”

Hey Monty,

Shut the fuck up. You are the biggest BITCH I’ve heard in a long, long time. Stadium too loud for your bitch ass?

GTFO ari

DEAL WITH IT MOTHAFUKA. Don’t whine to the media about crowd noise. How stupid can you be? There is absolutely NOTHING good that can come from making a comment like that. But then you double down and say that they’ve “done studies on legal decibel levels of an NBA game.” Or really Monty? The NBA has done studies on legal decibel levels in the arenas? Okay, whatever you say.

Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Be a professional for me 1 time. It’s the crowds job to yell, and it’s your job to win games. One of those are actually doing what they’re supposed to do. Shut your pie hole and do your job.

If I own the Warriors, I’m pulling every string possible to make the next home game ‘Monty Williams ear plug night’ *sponsored by TAMPAX.

ear plug city

Warriors fans are awesome.

winningswinning vin


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