The #BravesChirpCrew is gaining traction.

Braves Chirp Crew est. 2014

Baseball is back and the #BravesChirpCrew is stronger than ever. They’re looking for the best of the loudest Braves fans to join the movement.

The #BravesChirpCrew has been buying beach front property in the heads of many popular bloggers recently.

Nate braves chirp

Braves Chirp Crew Logo

Last season, a legion of loyal Braves chirpers took the world by storm. They Chirped from all corners of the globe and they gained the attention of millions* across the twittersphere.

The Most Prominent Members of the Chirp Squad can be found on Twitter:


I need to find a T-Shirt Guy STAT so we can get these bitches printed, shipped, and on your back. These shirts are are just filthy.

chirp crew T-Shirt

PS- Yes, I understand that we couldn’t use the real Braves logo due to copyright bullshit, but replace that logo with a tomahawk and you have yourself a First Ballot T-Shirt Hall of Famer.

PPS- #BravesChirpCrew has been known to use the hashtag #BCC which is not to be confused with #BBC




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