I have T-Shirt Ideas flowing out my asshole

A few days ago, I got into a little back and forth with local independent Braves T-Shirt Company, Choplanta, about one of their latest designs.

Here’s the Exchange:

choplanta exchange

Nkotb album cover

Apparently I’m the idiot because I didn’t make the connection to the New Kids on the Block album cover from 1988, but that’s neither here nor there.

The whole ordeal did get me thinking though. The Braves need some better shirts than what’s sold on MLB dot com. I love what the Mets guy did with “The 7 Line” and I really like what the people over at Choplanta are trying to do. They’ve had some success with their Craig Kimbrel ‘Game Over’ shirts last year, and I hope that it continues into this season. The tough part for them is that the Braves blew up their entire roster this offseason and have a serious lack of stars to build off. Face the facts- People aren’t going to be lined up out the door to buy the latest and greatest Alberto Callaspo Tee.

Luckily, the Salsa man has got your back. Chop Nation always sticks together through thick and thin. I’ve been itching to get into the T-Shirt game for a while now because I have ideas for days. Everything I come up with is the shit and the concepts are literally falling out my asshole. Here’s a gallery of shirts I would print if I had the means, so Choplanta if you’re reading this (and I know you are), hire me because I think we have the ability to take your brand to the next level. We Chop as one. #ChopNation #ChopArmStrong #ChopOn #ChopItLikeItsHot #ChopOrDie

Air Young Tee


Chop or Die Tee

freddie free goggles Tee

Freddi Free the OG Tee

Of course, You can’t forget about our Signature Salsa Series Tee
logo slogan tee


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