The MLB is broken, but I have a plan to fix it.


Hey MLB you want to make some money and appeal to the younger generation of baseball fans? Listen up.

Last night I watched a random Pirates vs. Reds game on TV. I was flipping through the channels and my remote stopped working, so I was stuck watching the Cincinnati announcers call the game. They were the worst crew ever. They sat in silence for long stretches between pitches and brought absolutely no energy when they did speak. It was awkward how much dead air they had.

Baseball has a problem. The length of the game coupled with the lack of charisma in the booth is leading people away from America’s National pastime. Luckily, Salsa is here with a solution that will knock your socks clear off your feet.

The idea is simple:

-Grab 2-4 interesting sports guys with things to say (preferably under 30)
-Have them sit in a booth, or room that’s more like a lounge
-Have cold beer on tap-make sure it’s flowing
-Let them shoot the shit while commentating on the game
-Have them incorporate some betting/fantasy/gambling talk in real time.
-Encourage the use of foul language
-Have them bring in a guest every inning or two (to interview-tell stories)
-Have them go into the stadium and interview fans/invite them up
-Add in a pop-culture element. Make it engaging about whatever’s happening in the world
-Have them live tweet stuff and interact with fans on air.
-Some of the best TV is when people read mean stuff, so have them reading tweets live about what people are saying about them.
-Most importantly, keep it funny. Funny = good ratings.

Most everyone will agree that the MLB needs to do something to change their presentation of the game so they can appeal to the smartphone/ADD generation behind us. My idea is a winner because it comes from a combination of the Man Show, Entertainment tonight, the Dan Patrick show, a traditional baseball broadcast, and a reality show all wrapped into one. You could also put this broadcast on a cable network and charge a monthly/yearly subscription fee. This telecast is a guarantee home run, and it’s mind-blowing that it hasn’t been done yet. People are begging for a new way to enjoy baseball games, and this is the answer. Let’s give the people what they want.


ESPN actually experimented with a similar idea for this years National Football Championship (called ESPN voices) where they had coaches break down the plays in real time and discuss it. They were on the right track, but they screwed up by using their own shitty analysts instead of an every day Joe schmo sports fan.

Now that the MLB is officially fixed it’s time to snap necks and cash checks.



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