Everyone should listen to this Album at least once.

If you haven’t listened to the entirety of the N.W.A album ‘Straight Outta Compton’ at least once in your life, you should go to the gas station, buy yourself a six pack, push play on this video, and let it ride.

Last night, I went to see Fast 7 with a bunch of buddies (solid 8/10 flick), but the thing that left this biggest impression on me was a preview for a movie called ‘Straight Outta Compton’ which is going to be awesome. I couldn’t be more stoked for this. If you don’t know the basic story of the NWA, you should watch this documentary that aired on VH1 a while back about the formation of the group and the issues they faced when they were coming up. Their debut album was where Gangster rap was born: Dr. Dre had the beats, Eazy-E had the flow, and Ice Cube had the aggression.

Growing up, people used to call me ‘Easy E’, because I was an easy going kid who enjoyed just about everything in life. I honestly had no idea who the real ‘Eazy E’ was until someone back in grade school, mentioned that he was a rapper in this group called NWA. One of my friends lent me his brothers NWA CD, and my life was forever changed as soon as I pushed play on that boom box. I was hooked. NWA rapped with such an aggressive, ruthless, and addicting tone. Growing up in the ATL has given me a strong appreciation for the genre of gangster rap (as much as a suburban white kid could have) and the songs on ‘Straight Outta Compton’ paved the way for the likes of Biggie, 2Pac, Nas, DMX, Wu-Tang, Eminem, TI, Jay-Z, etc.

Maybe old school rap isn’t your cup of tea. If not, that’s fine with me, but you should still give it a chance to appreciate what they brought to music. Sure- they were controversial, yes- they were outspoken, but they were absolutely real and you just don’t have that authenticity in music anymore. I’ve never been the “you have to listen to this guy”, but this really is can’t miss stuff. The beats are incredible and the lyrics are even better. This album debuted in 1988, and 25+ years later it’s still making waves, as they have a movie to drop this summer. The main reason I’m posting this blog is because I hope that I can introduce this awesome era of music to the generation behind me. Tell me what you think on Twitter @salsastoolie

Here’s the trailer that just dropped for the new movie


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