Ballpark Food that will Make your Mouth Wet

“Imagination & Innovation lead to Sensational Tasty Creations”

We’re no stranger to awesome food around here. Just a few weeks back we introduced the world to the sushi burrito, the bacon wrapped pizza, and back in December we did an in-depth analysis of the Fat Bitch Sandwich.

Baseball season starts in 4 days. This season, we’re having a pissing contest by all the parks across the nation to see who can come up with the most outrageous food gimmick in the MLB. I hope you’ve eaten lunch already, because the following is going to make your mouth wetter than a dirty sewer. Lets take a stroll through the most iconic food items coming to a park near you.

Baltimore Orioles– Sausage wrapped in a pretzel roll smothered in crab dip
orioles sausage

Houston Astros-Waffle cone stuffed with chicken and mashed potatoes
waffle cone astros

Milwaukee Brewers– Deep fried taco meat on a stick with dipping sauce.
deep fried taco brewers

Arizona Diamondbacks-18 inch, deep fried corn dog stuffed with cheese and jalapenos
Dbacks dog

Minnesota Twins– Pizza slice bloody mary
Twins Bloody Mary

Pittsburgh Pirates– 9 different cheese grilled cheese with bacon
pirates grilled cheese

Washington Nationals– the StrasBurger 8 pound burger

Texas Rangers– Sausage Sunday with mac & chee, chopped BBQ brisket, and garlic mashed potatoes
sausage sunday texas

Texas Rangers– Deep fried corn on the cob
deep fried corn

Atlanta Braves– Fried chicken and waffle sandwich with bacon and onions
braves hammer

Miami Marlins– Lobster Roll (not crazy, I’m just craving a lobster roll because we don’t have them in the South)

Look alive asshole!


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