We’re about to Enter the best ‘Non-Football’ sports time of the year

torch march

February is long gone, March is almost over. The tournament was fun. My bracket lasted an extra week this year, so that was nice. But after yesterday, it’s time to forget about college basketball, and look ahead to the greatest (non-football) time of the sports year.

The Masters- A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Hello Friends (Jim Nance voice) coupled with the soothing Masters music are the best one-two punch combo in all of sports. Push play on that video and let that ride in the background while you read the rest of this blog. The Masters is the quintessential sporting event in the world for 4 days in April. Beautiful scenery, great golf, booze, spring air, great commentary, great stories, historic shots, and drama at every turn on the course. I don’t watch much golf throughout the season, but I never miss these four days. Augusta is a Gem and the absolute best course in America. I’ve never been to the tournament in person, but it’s on my bucket list, and should be on yours too.

Favorite Masters Memory: the Tiger Chip on 16 back in 2005



I was always a real casual wrestling fan growing up. I knew the big stars and would watch some Raw if I happened to be on when flipping through the channels, but I didn’t follow the story lines at all. I grew up in the golden era of wrestling in the mid to late 90’s, and we actually took part in a neighborhood wrestling league complete with a championship belt. I was always one of the absolute worst wrestlers in the squad, because I was tall and lanky and a majority of my friends at the time were short and portly. I got hooked on WrestleMania when I was back in college and we drunkenly ordered it on a whim. To this day, WrestleMania remains the only must see pay-per-view event of the year for me. I’d pay to watch this over almost any Boxing/MMA fight out there. The great things about Mania is that you can enjoy it whether or not you like wrestling. Plus, it’s a great excuse to throw a party on a Sunday.

Favorite Mania Memory: The Cena Entrance a few years back

(Yes I’m a Cena fan, no I won’t apologize. I used to do the ‘U can’t See Me’ every time I hit a triple in high school ball back in the day)

 NCAA National Championship / One Shining Moment Montage

Final 4 2015

I may catch a lot of heat for saying this, but the fact of the matter is that I just don’t give a fuck about college basketball anymore. I wasn’t always this down on college hoops, but with the emergence of these ‘super teams’ I’m all OUT on college basketball. I don’t know any of the players names because they’re always one-and-done. Kentucky is so far ahead of every team in college basketball, that it ruins the excitement of the whole tournament. College basketball is absolutely brutal to watch too. You have turnovers everywhere you look, bone head plays, choke jobs, terrible shots, and bad decisions all over the place. The best part of college ball is The One Shining Moment that always plays right after the Championship game. That Clip is always chills city.

Favorite Memory: Every Single One Shining Moment Video

(Salsa’s one shining moment was in 2006 when he won his bracket for the first and only time)

Playoff Basketball

playoff ball

People absolutely seem to hate the NBA these days. Why? There is arguably more talent in the NBA right now than there has been in a long time. Lebron, Durant (though now gone), Harden, Westbrook, Curry, CP3, Klay Thompson, Duncan, Dirk, D. Rose, J. Wall, Melo, Dwight, P. Gasol, A. Davis the list goes on. The NBA is as strong as it’s ever been since the Mid 90’s Jordan era, and that’s a fact. The best part of the NBA playoffs this year is that our Atlanta Hawks are going in as a number 1 seed for the first time since 1994, and they look poised to make a deep run. As an Atlanta Sports fan, I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally have a team that’s worth rooting for in the playoffs. Yes, the braves won in 1995 but that was our 1 championship in the history of Atlanta sports and it was 20 years ago. The Braves haven’t been relevant since the late 90’s and the hawks have been a perennial 6-8 seed in the East for the past decade. The Falcons have been okay behind Matty Ice, but he can’t ever win the big game. It’s been a tough ride, but this is the year that we turn it around. We have the best team in the East, even though Lebrons Cavs are looking solid recently. I really do think home court advantage is going to be a difference maker for the Hawks this year, because our city is buzzing more than I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to see us shock the world a prove all the haters and doubters wrong. I’ve been saying it since December: this is our year. It should be a playoff season for the ages.

Favorite Playoff Memory:The #8 ATL Hawks forcing the #1 Celtics (and eventural NBA Champs) to a 7th game in the first round back in 2008 and Zaza going toe to toe with KG

zaza kg

(GAME 77777777777777777777777777777777777777!)

Baseball Season

Braves Country

Ahhh, Braves Country indeed- baseball season is the absolute best. Games every night with bets to be made, and money to be won. The best thing about early season baseball, is that it’s the one time of the year that every team has a clean slate, and an equal chance of a hot start. The Braves are going to absolutely suck this year, but I’m still going enjoy April and May ball, because we won’t be 10+ games out of 1st place yet. False hope lasts for a solid 2 months for almost every MLB team, before the true cream of every division rises to the top of every division. Around June, the excitement of baseball dies down until September. Those 1st two months are electric, because you always have a shot and if you get off to a great start, it sets the tone for a potential magical season (like the Royals last year). There’s no chance the braves aren’t less than 10 wins away from the Nationals come June 1st, but with that said, nothing beats going to the park on a perfect summer night to enjoy a few supercolds with some good buddies.

Favorite Opening Day Baseball Memory: Being in the Stadium for the Jason Heyward’s first plate appearance (A BOMB to right center)- so much promise at that time, so much of a let down since. An awesome moment none the less.

Playoff Hockey

stanley cup

Hockey is a weird sport for me. I’ve never followed it. I’m not sure if that’s a Southern thing or not, but I just never gave a shit about the sport. People up North live and die by the sport. When I briefly lived up North, I was amazed at the turnout at bars and restaurants when there was a game on. Not in the south. I remember when they announced that the Thrashers were leaving Atlanta, and people couldn’t care less. I went to a couple of thrashers games back in the day and would show up 5 minutes prior to the puck drop and would pay 5 dollars for a lower level seat in Phillips. They were practically begging people to come to the games. Hockey is still one of the best sports to watch live, and I do enjoy some playoff hockey on TV, but only if it’s late in the 3rd period or OT. Sorry to the Hockey Hardos out there, but most people just don’t care that much about hockey. Ratings don’t lie.

Favorite Hockey Memory: I don’t ever watch Hockey except for the time I drank 8 shots during an LA Kings playoff game back in 2011, but I don’t remember it.

May 2nd, 2015

138th Kentucky Derby

pac may

This may be the pinnacle of the greatest all around sports day in history. Do people realize what an awesome sports day this is? Possibly one of the best ever. You have NFL Draft at noon on the heels of the Kentucky Derby at 5, on the heels of playoff basketball all day, on the heels of the Biggest fight of the Century that night. WOW. I can’t remember a bigger sports day in all my life. Anything less than a top 3 sports day in my life would be a colossal bust.


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