Sad Piccolo playing Celine Dion made me fall in love with sad piccolo.

(play with sound) via deadspin (click here to the whole video)

Yeah, yeah, you’re sick to death of sad piccolo already. I get it. The internet is a funny place these days. One brief three seconds at the end of a ballgame always seems to be the thing that goes viral, so here we are.

I wasn’t expecting much from this when I opened it up, but when I heard the buildup of “neeeaaar far. whereEVER you ARE” i’d be a stone face liar if I didn’t think it was pretty funny. The little flute solo at the end was perfect too. My job is to entertain and that is what I do. If I laughed at that video, then a reader might do the same, and for that- you’re welcome.

This chick also stirred up a clash on twitter between the Piccolo Possey and the Flute Fanatics on twitter, arguing about what the chick was actually blowing on. In the end, Salsa learned that she was indeed playing the piccolo, and that a piccolo is actually an octave higher than a flute. Who knew? I don’t know if piccolo’s are any easier to play, but she can play my flute any day. HEYO!

Which brings me to my final point. I think I’m in love with this girl. I’m not sure why exactly, but she’s just sneaky hot all around. She’s even hot when she cries, and that’s an almost as impossible as touching your elbows together behind your back (try it ladies). Last night, sad piccolo was on Fallon, playing with the Roots. They spoke to her briefly, and she couldn’t be more cool about the whole ordeal, and it seems like she has a good sense of humor too.

Bio Major (smart) +Band Geek (freak) + Cute face = wife material

Sad Piccolo- How do you feel about bloggers?


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