RIP Miller High Life Guy :(

Reader note: Push play and then proceed to read.

TMZ Sources close to Middlebrooks tell us he was found unconscious at home in the San Fernando Valley Monday morning — and was transferred by ambulance to a hospital. It’s unclear if he was pronounced dead at home or at the hospital.

We’re told it does not appear there was any foul play.

While he was best known for the Miller commercials … Middlebrooks was also a very successful actor with roles on “Cougar Town,” “Parks and Rec,” “Scrubs,” “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” and the “Bernie Mac Show.”

Sad. Sad. Sad. This is just terrible news. I was already having a pretty bad day, and this news hasn’t helped me one bit.

This guy was awesome. He just seemed like a jolly good fellow who enjoyed making people laugh. Surely one of the few dudes in Hollywood who you felt was the exact same off camera as he was on camera. 36 years old is way too young for anyone to go.

I’ll always remember him for that big “one-second” Superbowl commercial he did a few years back where he put his hands in the air and yelled “HIGHLIFE”

Here are the ones that didn’t make the cut:

high life guy lives up

All things considered, you have to believe that he had a pretty cool life. The man had one of the coolest jobs in the world, and it looked like he really enjoyed every second of it. Beer delivery guys in general are always the best, but Miller High Life guy was the crem dela crem. The champagne of beer delivery guys.

In honor of you, Miller High Life guy, I’ll be pouring one out in your honor tonight, and i’m also going to purchase one of your trademark shirts


Thanks for the memories Will, you’ll be missed.



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