Jake Locker, 26, Retires from football because he’s bored with it

(via Business Insider) Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Jake Locker announced his retirement on Tuesday.

Fox Sports 1’s Mike Garafolo posted Locker’s personal statement, in which the quarterback says he “no longer has the burning desire necessary to play football for a living.”

Locker was drafted eighth by the Titans in 2011. He signed a four-year contract worth $12.5 million.


Love it. My motto is: Love more. Hate less. Work Hard. Cash Checks.
As far as I’m concerned, Jake Locker did number 4 on that list better than 98% of the human population. The dude cashed checks to the tune of a cool $12 million. He ended up only playing in 30 NFL games, not too shabby.

He basically said that he didn’t have the fire burning in his belly anymore, and I don’t have a problem with his retirement one bit. If you’re going to play in the NFL, football is like a full time job from the moment you start your freshman year in High School. That means that he’s been grinding on the daily for about 12+ years now. It’s no different than the guy who develops an app in college and then sells it to Google or Facebook for a couple million.

But fuck all that because the real story here is the rise of Starting NFL QB Zach Mettenberger GET SOME!

zach Mett get some

captain zach


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