Introducing Fan Angel: A Game Changing Crowd Funding Source for College Athletes

Have you ever heard something and immediately think ‘man that’s a great idea, I’ve never thought of that before’? That’s exactly what I was thinking when I heard this potentially monumental idea this morning on ESPN Radio. It’s hard to explain, so watch this quick 1 minute video to familiarize yourself with the concept, so that the rest of this blog will make sense to you.

I’m just a common man, so I’m going to break it down on a common man’s level to the best of my ability:

1. Pick a player in any sport and make a challenge

2. Pledge an amount of money upon completion of your challenge

3. Set pledge incentives (player x only gets my pledge if he does y and z)

4. Upon Graduation, the player has options to receive a percentage of the pledged money provided he accomplished the established incentive parameters.

a. Player gets 80% of the money
b. Teammates of player get 10%
c. 10% goes to a scholarship fund, NCAA, Wounded warrior project, charity, etc.

5. If your challenge is not met by the player, you receive your money back.


The main concept is essentially a kickstarter/gofundme for athletes at any level in sports.That is how I understand it, and I fucking LOVE this idea. Ovbiously the most controversial part of this concept is what to do with college athletes, because the NCAA rules with an iron fist. The idea of keeping your favorite college athletes around for a little longer and giving them some cash if they play well is very appealing to fans and boosters across the nation. After listening to the Radio interview with the Harvard grad behind the concept this morning, it seems (to me) like the NCAA wants no part in this. My guess is that they’ll take their company, Fan Angel, and go on a public media blitz to drum up support from fans to put pressure on the NCAA. It will be VERY interesting to see how this all plays out.Check them out at: 

PS- It’s always fun to play “watch the follows” as these types of things gain traction in the media and go viral- just remember that Salsa got you in on the ground level:


fan feature


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