Introducing the Sushi Burrito

via-Business Insider

It was only a matter of time before the Japanese and Mexicans teamed up to form one of the weirdest food items to date: The Sushi Burrito aka the susirrito.

Personally, the susirrito isn’t my cup of tea when it comes to choice of food. I’d much rather have In-n-Out Burger. With that said, I absolutely LOVE this idea from a business standpoint. If you don’t know, there has been a weird food movement that’s been happening over the past 4-7 years here in America. With all the “Instagram models” in the world today, people are eating much healthier. Healthier foods taste much shittier, so people are more apt to try these weird ass food concoctions. Another reason that things like this are so successful, is because of the “share my life/look at me/ like my post” society we live in. People taking pictures of their food and sharing it on social media blogs like this are the reason that these places have become so successful.

suishi burrito

Here’s my Food Truck Business Proposal (which I just thought up):
1. Buy Food Truck
2. Convince a Sushi guy to come work for me.
3. Park that thing in a crunchy hipster city (Seattle, WA \ Austin, TX \ Portland, OR)
4. Let the money “roll” on in.

I did some research and it looks like there’s only one sushi burrito food truck operating in America right now . It’s called Jogasaki Suishi Burrito and it’s located in Los Angeles, California



It looks like business is going pretty well, and with 16,000+ twitter followers and raving yelp reviews, I’d say business is rolling along quite nicely. If anyone out there is interested in staking my next business venture, go ahead and truck on over to my Twitter @Salsastoolie


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