Are you a podcast person?

I’m pretty curious about this subject. Do you listen to podcasts?

A few months ago the Podcast “Serial” absolutely blew up and the world of podcasting had suddenly became mainstream. People young and old were downloading podcasts for the first time. I’ve been listening to podcasts for the last 4 years because they’re great for killing time at work, the commute, and falling asleep.

Recently, I just started listening to a new(ish) podcast called “Startup” which is a podcast documenting every step of launching a startup business. Ironically his business is a podcast company. I’m about half way through the 14 episodes and it’s pretty captivating and surprisingly well done thus far.

If you’re new to the world of Podcasts, these are some of the Best to check out. I broke it down into 3 categories and ranked the top three according to my personal preference.

1. The Dan LeBatard Show- Honestly the best and most entertaining sports cast in the game.
2. The Dan Patrick Show-
3. SVP Russilo-
Honorable mention The Heard with Colin Cowherd- People hate Colin, but I don’t.

1. Serial- A podcast about a murder mystery
2. Startup- A podcast about starting up a podcast company
3. This American Life- American Stories from everyday people.

adam carolla
1. Howard Stern (not really a podcast)- but a great listen.
2. Adam Carolla
3. The Nerdist

I was actually invited to be on a buddies podcast the other day to talk about this blog and a couple of other things. It was pretty cool sitting in a real studio and shooting the shit, while seeing everything that goes on behind the curtain. I’m going to upload the link in a future blog if he’s okay with it.

His setup was very similar to this. Basic, but still awesome.

Long term, I’d love to get a podcast up and running for this site. I’m going through a couple concept ideas currently, but I want to make sure it’s something that’s entertaining. I’d also like to help promote some smaller lesser know podcasts made by any readers who are looking for more listeners. Send all your suggestions my way on Twitter @salsastoolie and I’ll write up a blog for you (free of charge-for now).


And if you’re sitting there reading this thinking that this is just a niche market type thing, I’d turn your attention to a podcast that’s slowly creeping it’s way up the charts. I’m talking about the Better Call Saul Insider podcast. THAT is the future of TV Entertainment whether you like it or not. Better Call Saul will probably go down as one of the better shows of our time, and that will only help the introduction of the next form of digital podcast content. Sometimes, I’m a damn visionary, and I can’t wait to revisit this blog in a few years to say “I told you so”.

bcs podcast


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