Do people know about Alexa(dot com)?

Do yall know about Alexa?

It’s essentially a site that ranks every website in the world according to popularity. I typed in our site pressed enter and BOOM.
rank 22191774

We’re ranked the 22,191,774th best site in the world. Now, I know what your thinking… NO CHANCE! NO CHANCE IN HELL!


But…I did a quick google of “how many websites are there?” and came up with…

644,275,754 total websites in the world. DAMN!

Lets do some quick math…

22,191,774/644,275,754= .034444534

That means your boy Salsa is in the top 3.44% of sites in the world. I’ll take that any day of the week.

That’s actually going to be our new tag line:
logo with slogan
“Welcome to SalsaSpeaks- We’re not the top 1% but we ARE the top 4%”

Such a bad ass tag line. I love it. I’m going to implement a new Champagne popping rule, where I’ll pop a bottle when I crack the top 21 million websites in the world.

So now you know we pop champagne when we reach 100 new followers (on the hundreds), and when we crack the top 21 million mark. Lets get after it.


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