Million Dollar Idea: Tweet-On-a-Tee

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know that I have a few million dollar Ideas from time to time. I like to put the Idea down on a blog, and then scour the internet afterwards to go see if it exists. So far I’ve created:

1. The Toilet Desk
2. Netflix Dating Service
3. Fitness App that insults you

My brain is like a roman candle, and every once in a while it starts shooting off great ideas like little balls of fire, so would you capture it? Or just let slip. (dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN dun dun)

Introducing… Tweet on a Tee

The idea is simple. People love themselves. People love Twitter. People love hearing themselves talk. People love hearing themselves talk on Social Media. People love their tweets…If only there were a way to show people in real life how cool and funny you are in your digital life…


Step 1: Make an amazing Tweet
Setp 2: Push the “Tee-my-Tweet” logo on our app
Step 3: Wait 7-10 days for that Tee to be delivered right to your doorstep.

All you do is Download the Tee-My-Tweet app for $19.99/month on iTunes. Subscription includes one shirt per month.


Download the APP in the next two months and we’ll throw your twitter handle on the back for NO COST AT ALL. That’s a 5 dollar value, all yours for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! With such a cool shirt, you can’t just go around leaving everyone wondering where they can read such awesome tweets! By adding your handle to the back of your Tweet-on-a-Tee, simply turn around and- VOILA! Giant bold letters directing the person just where to go on twitter so they can get more and more of your electric tweets.

Tee my tweet


(that was fun, now lets google this to see if it already exists)
2 seconds later: it exists here, and Here) Oh well.

Someone did this with Kanye Tweets and its actually pretty funny
kanye tweet shirt

Looks like some girl beat me to it on etsy– damn you lukespepsi


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