The coolest stuff on Shark Tank

I’m a sucker for the show Shark Tank. I absolutely love the show. I hate that they air new episodes on Friday’s at 9PM, because that is prime time for some pregame bar festivities. That said, I try to catch it when I’m able to. I really respect the fuck out of people who spend their whole lives developing a product that they truly believe in. From the viewer’s perspective, it’s always great TV to see a shark just absolutely eviscerate some of these people’s life-long passion projects.

There’s a site that’s dedicated to selling all the items seen on the show. I’m going to give you a comprehensive list of the coolest ones that I’ve come across. Lets have a look.

bottle breacher
Bottle breacher is just your random 50 caliber bullet bottle opener. Cool novelty item, and great for groomsmen & wedding gifts because you can customize them. I ordered the one with an American Flag on it, and can’t wait to get it.

Really cool concept of a modern light. It folds in like a book and out like a lantern. Perfect for setting the mood when you bring a chick back to your place.

gold nugget kit.
Motherfucking Gold Rush Nugget Bucket kit. Remember that blog I wrote about the 17 pound gold nugget found in China? This will help you find the smaller pieces, so put it in the back of your truck and be ready to get rich anytime anywhere.

Wine on the go? yes please. These are pretty awesome, ladies will love them. Great gift idea.

A bag that folds up and fits under your bed. GREAT idea for the dude that takes a lot of weekend trips, and lives in a small place.

Just a cool bag with a lot of space for an everyday dude.

Mo’s bows are made by a pretty cool little dude. I’m not really a bow-tie guy, but some people are. If you’re one of those guys, you should check them out. Maybe I should look into some bow ties just to mix it up a bit.

mission belt
These Belts are acturlly pretty legit and they come in a ton of different styles.

A different concept on Coffee to your doorstep. They deliver premium beans to your place based on your specific tastes. I’m a coffee guy, so i’ll give them a shot for a few months.

drop stop
Best thing ever. Nothing is more infuriating than when you drop your cell phone under the car seat. this little thing keeps that from ever happening.

Hoodie Pillow- I like hoodies, I like pillows. Goes together like lamb and tuna fish.

fresh neck
It’s the Netflix for neck ties (and other mens accessories). Pick and choose what you want to wear, keep it for as long as you want, then send it back when you’re done. One monthly fee. Not too shabby.

CML lobster
Two dudes from Maine love their hometown lobster. They are starting a food truck franchise and giving you a chance to get lobster delivered to your doorstep. They’re currently setting up operations in 10 cities across America. Who doesn’t love a lobsta roll?

bubbas back 9
This guy makes buffalo chicken dip. I’ve never had a buffalo chicken dip that didn’t taste delicious.

A simple wine aerator that should impress the ladies even if you don’t know shit about wine. Keep it classy friends.

chord buddy
Chord buddy helps you swoon the broads with some sweet tunes. Teaches you basic chords. I always tell people that it’s absolutely worth learning one or two songs on one or two instruments to impress the ladies. I had friends in college who were pushing 275lbs pulling girls way out of their leagues because they could strum the guitar.

bubba ribs
Bubba has made boneless rib steaks available to be shipped right to your doorstep. Who doesn’t love some good old fashioned BBQ. He’s also got his own rub and his own sauce.

chocolate custom
Customize your own Chocolate bar and have it shipped to you. I created “the Salsa Bar” made up of Ressee’s Pieces, Dark Chocolate, and pretzels.

tipsy elves
Ugly christmas sweaters and a few other interesting clothing items. worth a peek around the holidays.

send a ball
Send a ball to someone in the mail. I didn’t know you could do this, but you can. I’m sure the mailman fucking HATES this. I’m probably going to send myself a ball right now for the simple reason that my mailman is a jackass.

For those office monkeys, these things are pretty nice to have. Gotta stay fresh.

A beer cooler for your golf bag. If you suck at golf like salsa, this is a must have can’t miss item.

That blog took me a while to write, so I hope you appreciate it for what it is. Believe it or not, Shark Tank has been on for 6 years, which is 113+ episodes, and they’ve seen 336 different products. I looked at all 336 products pitched to Shark Tank, and I picked about 20 of them that I thought you might like. Take a look here at all the products available for sale and tell me which ones I missed on Twitter @salsastoolie


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