Bacon Crust Pizza is Here.

Another day, another bacon product hits the market. Bacon is the can’t miss, can’t fail product of the moment right now. Bacon is hotter than a crackheads crack pipe. If your company produces any type of food product with suffering sales, introduce a bacon flavor to it, and BOOM! Sales on sales on sales.

The latest company to hop on the bacon train is Little Caesars with this beauty.
bacon crust caesars

I was still riding the bacon high from this past weekend when I tried Bacon Jerky for the first time (which was just as delicious as it sounds).

My question to you is this: Have you ever had bacon flavored anything that was just terrible? I sure haven’t. It’s an unbelievable flavor that brings joy to anything it touches.

Did you know that they have bacon flavored condoms?
bacon condom

bacon toothpaste….
bacon toothpaste

Sources say Taco Bell is in development of a bacon shell taco.

As a final thought, the Proper way to cook bacon is to leave it slightly chewey with crisp edges. Some people overcook their bacon and it turns into a crunchy mess. There’s a very fine line to cooking the perfect slice and overdoing it. You’ll know if your bacon is cooked correctly if it looks like the featured picture at the top of this blog. I’m an oven guy through and through.

If you don’t like bacon, I don’t like you.

bacon flip

PS- All bullshit aside, try dipping your bacon in flour tomorrow (both sides) before tossing it in the oven to cook. It tastes like deep fried bacon, and it will change your life. Thank me for the tip on twitter @Salsastoolie


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