Water Cooler Talk: Everything you need to know from this weekend.

Here’s a new feature to the our site. From time to time, I’m going to give you a recap of things people will be talking about at the water cooler today. I’m assuming you were out on Valentines Day evening, and probably missed the dunk contest, and I’m also venturing to guess that you probably watched SNL40 instead of the NBA All-Star Game last night. No worries though, I got your back. These vines will cover anything and everything that you need to know from the past weekend.

Russell Westbrook almost hit his head on the rim.

Steph Curry has handles. This pass was disgusting.

Steph Curry from an impossible angle.

Some dude you’ve never heard of won the dunk contest

Best 4 dunks set we’ve seen since Air Canada.

Dirk dunked for the first time since 2007

My main man Kyle Korver made it rain.

Lebron can finish even with a bad pass.

Aguilera let the girls fly

Manaj shook her bucket.


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