17 pound gold nugget found in China-

via-HONG KONG (MarketWatch) — Remember the lucky Chinese herdsman who recently stumbled onto a 17-pound gold nugget? Well, it seems China’s government hasn’t forgotten, as the nugget’s finder may now be forced to surrender his find to the state as a public “mineral resource.”

After the ethnic Kazak herdsman accidentally tripped over a gold nugget “on bare ground” in China’s far western Xinjiang region about two weeks ago, the local government conducted an appraisal of the rock — and an investigation with various officials to discuss ownership of the treasure, the government-run Beijing Morning Post reported Wednesday.

News that the gold might be seized has triggered controversy across China, with legal experts and laypersons alike debating who should get to keep the giant nugget.

Quite the debate going on over in China right now. A guy apparently tripped over a 17 pound gold nugget and now China seems to think it’s the states because it’s a public mineral resource.

I have a couple questions though.
1. If this happens in America- You 100% get to keep the gold rock correct?
2. What do you do if you do find a 17 pound gold nugget?
3. How much is a 17 pound gold nugget really worth in American dollars?
4. Can this Chinese guy pay his lawyer in gold from the rock?

Quick Salsa Story:
When I was about 7 years old, we took a family trip out west and did one of those cheesy pan for gold things where you scoop dirt into this machine for about an hour and then you end up with a few specs of gold in a tube of water the size of an antacid pill. I’ve long since lost that over the years, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about, It looks something like this:
gold flakes

This is what I think I’d do if i found a 17 pound gold rock. I’d load up on picks and chisels and carry that chunk of gold in a backpack everywhere i’d go. Whenever I’d have to pay for something, I’d just shave off a few flakes for the peasant and that would be that. I’d be the cock of the walk arond town, known as the crazy gold shaven sonofabitch. People couldn’t say shit to me because instead of paying them 10 bucks for a burger, I’d be giving them the equivalent of 50 bucks in a few gold shavings. I’d make a necklace of those bottles of gold flakes and use them as currency. If I had any problems, I’d buy an entourage and pay them with gold flakes. Life would be good.


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