House of Cards is the best show on Netflix…and it “leaked” yesterday

BBC– House of Cards is an absolutely phenomenal show. It’s worth the monthly price of Netflix alone. Yesterday 10 episodes of the 3rd season of the show “leaked” online for about 30 minutes. They’re not supposed to be released until Feb 27th.

You know what really grinds my gears?!? This new age of “lets try to go viral” marketing campaign. That’s exactly what this was. A strategically calculated move by Netflix to grab headlines. I guess it worked because i’m writing this blog, so well played Netflix.

Leaking shit is what’s hot in the internet streets these days and I couldn’t be more sick of it. Every time something like this happens, it becomes a ‘did they do it on purpose’ vs. ‘no way they did it on purpose’ debate on the message boards of the world. People go back and forth all over social media about it. Did they? didn’t they? Shut the hell up. The creation of this lame dialog of everyone presenting their case is ultimately the worst thing about the internet these days. Everyone wants to sling their dick around and tell everyone how smart they are. Go fuck yourselves.

PS-If you cared about my thoughts:
It’s 100% a marketing campaign. They only leaked 10 of the 13 episodes just in case that the torrent sites were able to grab the material. Furthermore, Netflix corrected the “technical glich” only 30 minutes after, so they wouldn’t allow they whole hour of material to be recorded. Of course they took a precaution by withholding the last three episodes, so that they’d have something to tease just in case. Business 101- always keep something in your back pocket.

Double PS- How do you not release this on Valentines day like you did last year??? Honestly, a binge session of some HOC, good food, and good sex is a recipe for a perfect Saturday Feb 14th. Fuck 50 shades of Grey, but I’d be lying if I didn’t think that had something to do with the delay of the release of the show. See what I did* there?

*tried to do (who knows if it worked correctly)


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