Meet your 2015 Atlanta Hawk All-Stars

I know 99.5% of you may not give a shit about the Atlanta Hawks (or the NBA) for that matter, but I felt it was my duty to give you the heads up on everything you’ll need to know about these Hawks All-Stars. You’ll see them on Sunday at the All-Star Game, so I wanted to give you at least one cool fact about each of them so you can impress your friends/wives/husbands whoever.

1. Al Horford (15 C/F)
022812atlawards CC1
Cool Fact: He married Miss Universe Amelia Vega

als wife2
Hot? Sure. Miss Universe?? Nope. Either way, great snag Al.

2. Paul Millsap (4 C/F)
Cool Fact: Paul played for the Grambling Kittens in Highschool. There is actually a High School in Louisiana whose mascot is a kitten. His nickname is also “Mr. Professional”.
grambling kittens
3. Jeff Teague (0 G/PG)
teague dunk
Cool Fact: Best quote from this clip (5:13 mark) by Teague “if you that dude on the corner selling CD’s, I’m gonna buy a CD from you because you out there Grinding”. Sums up my man Teague perfectly-How can you not love this guy??

“I’m happy where i’m at right now. Family, friends, and basketball. Everything is great” yessir.
4. Coach Budenholzer (coach)
mike mug
Cool Fact: He was hired as a video Coordinator for the spurs where he worked for 2 years before becoming an assistant coach under Gregg Popavich. How on earth do you make that transition?
He also “accidentally” fired a clipboard at a ref in January, and got away with it. Savvy move.

Get used to seeing these guys on your TV screen, because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of them come June.

PS- 28-1 odds back in January quickly became 7.5-1 odds (currently) in a little less than a month. I don’t want to toot my own horn…but CHOO CHOO!


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