Did you know that you can register your address or business as a “No Drone Zone”? I know what i’m doing today.

via Yahoo As anti-drone sentiment spreads, a new organization has risen to help individuals secure the blue skies above their properties.

NoFlyZone.org lets you register your address online, letting drone manufacturers and fliers know that their machines are not welcome near your business or home, according to a report from TechCrunch,

When you enter your address, the website creates a geo-fence that No Fly Zone relays to drone software and hardware manufacturers. The hope is that drone makers will write these boundaries into their software, so that drones won’t be able to fly where you don’t want them to. No Fly Zone was actually formed by a consortium of seven smaller drone makers, who say on their website that they “want to take a leadership position on drone privacy issues.” (Probably a little late for that!) So far No Fly Zone’s geo-fences are honored only be the seven drone companies who created the site; they are still waiting on heavyweights like Parrot and DJI, the two largest drone makers in the world, to comply.

First of all, drones are awesome. Drones are the future. Drones are here to stay. Everyday we have a new drone story popping up in the news and they’re always interesting. Just off the top of my head we’ve had:

1. The Drug drone that crashed at the boarder carrying 7 pounds of meth.
2. Pizza delivery drones, beer delivery drones.
3. Cool Drone videos.
drone down

I haven’t seen a drone in real life around my neck of the woods, but you better believe I’m creating a no fly zone around my property. Why? Because I can. This is America, and this is my property. You fly your dumbass toy in my zone and I’m taking that shit out.




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