Salsa learns Technology and Stuff

So earlier I wrote this blog and I decided that I needed to learn how to make a GIF.

the pic:
man texting

the flip:
kid texting flip

the GIF:

did Salsa just blow your mind?

andy samberg finger

Technology and stuff…so hot right now. Technology and stuff.
Technology and stuff guy
PS- Is there a funnier picture on the internet than this? You have four people from 4 different corners of the earth.
1. Poor overweight middle management guy having a complete mental breakdown and sweating buckets
2. Freak Athlete/country bumpkin Bumgardner who lives on a farm in North Carolina, throws 1000MPH, and has ice water running through his veins
3. Celebrity Wannabe, Mrs. Peephole herself.
4. And Bud Selig aka the best comissioner in sports history. The look on his face says it all.
Absolutely priceless photo all around.
selig face


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