My “Everyday Carry”

First things first. I spent a solid hour scrolling through random people’s everyday carry on this site

I gotta admit, I’m a gadget guy, and it made me feel like a complete loser that I’m not toting around tons
of cool shit on the daily like these guys:




after doing a google search of “everyday carry” and looking at the pics, it got me thinking…

1. Does everyone carry a knife and/or multi-tool around all the time?
2. I guarantee nobody carries a mini flashlight since the iphone came out.
3. Do that many people carry little notebooks/address books/extra pens? seems like a waste of space.
4. Where are the extra cords and chargers and batteries?
5. Do that many people even wear watches anymore? (every pic had a watch)

If we’re being totally honest, the only 3 things i carry everyday at all times: phone, keys, wallet. I would say that i need to step my gadget game up, but the truth is that I don’t like having all that unnecessary stuff on me.

Just for fun here is my “everyday carry” which actually has the shit you need.

My Everyday Carry

Check out all that good shit. We have:
-5ft iphone charger cable
-2 Extra Phone batteries
-2 Phone battery charging cables
-apple USB wall “block”
-Fitbit (thing is a piece of shit btw, don’t get one)
-USB Drive
-iPhone (not pictured)

I actually put all that shit in a tiny bag, and toss it in the glove compartment whenever I leave my place. The batteries come in handy if your out late at a bar and you’re phones dying. When you’re all about the #bloglife you live on your phone, and charge goes pretty quick.

I’d be really interested to see what you guys carry on an everyday basis, so if you’re bored shoot me a pic of your “everyday carry” on twitter @salsastoolie


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