Smartest man in North Carolina walks out of jail

BOLIVIA, N.C., Feb. 4 (UPI) — Authorities in North Carolina said they have re-arrested a prison inmate who escaped from the facility by putting on a coat and walking out the front door.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office said William Earl Hewett was found hiding in a camper on his family’s property Tuesday morning, five days after his escape from the Brunswick County prison.

Hewett escaped from the prison Thursday by donning a coat and posing as his brother, Curtis Hewett, who was due to be released that day, the sheriff’s office said.

Security camera footage from the incident shows Hewett walk through a metal detector before being pursued by a jailor. Footage taken outside the facility shows Hewett shed the coat and outrun the jail worker to make his escape.

Hewett was charged with escaping from a county or municipal facility. He was also served outstanding warrants on charges of burning property and property damage. Hewett was ordered held in lieu of $3 million bond.

The sheriff’s office said five others, including Hewett’s mother, stepfather and girlfriend, were arrested on allegations of helping to hide the suspect from authorities.

Curtis Hewett is also facing charges for helping his brother escape.

Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram blamed “human error” for Hewett’s escape and said one person has been fired as a result of the probe, which is ongoing.


Best video of the day by far (yesterday) was the least creative jail escape possible. Thats what you get North Carolina when you hire the least athletic person in the state to be watching the front door. kept waiting to read “the pursuing officer is in a nearby hospital in critical condition” “the officer was quoted as saying “it was like trying to chase down the white hillbilly version of Kunta Kinte” Either way all this asshole did was get the rest of his family in trouble so fuck you guyblow. stories like this make me think North Carolina is trying to come at my Florida thrown for craziest stories. whatever though ill just watch the news tonight and see at least ten ones that could top this. keep swingin hillbillys



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