Official Press Release: Salsa hires a new Temp BurgerBumps

Big news in the blog world today.

Salsa has recently been in contact with longtime blogger BurgerBumps, currently the head blogger at & you can head on over to his site to see his prior work.

Burger brings a different element to the site. He has extensive experience in the world of podcasting, which is something that has eluded this site for far too long.

Burger is arguably the most seasoned of bloggers to join the salsa empire with a strong background work on multiple blogs including (the inspiration for this very blog). He’s actually been published on Barstool Philly 6 times between Sept 2013- Nov 2013 specializing in the realm of “Comments of the Week”.

You can read his Barstool blogs here (if the link works):

Burger will join Salsa as a 1099 Contractor with a few guest blogs here and there.

In other news, @AndThenBenSaid has decided to leave the company. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

We are still looking for a Full Time Blogger and a Blog Grader please contact me on twitter @salsastoolie if interested.
Updated Organization Chart:
Salsa Origanizational Chart press release Feb5


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