Welcome to the Worst Month of the Year. February.

February is hands down the WORST month of the year bar none.

1. NFL is Over. Now begins the wait until late August/Early September. Fuck preseason football.

2. Puxatoney Phil. Arguably the dumbest of all the American traditions is ‘Ground Hog’s Day’- Truth be told- I do love the movie, and I did laugh when that little rodent bit the mayors ear yesterday.

phil bite

3. Valentines Day- This is a tough one, because it’s always been filled with couple drama and expectations. Where do we eat? what do i get her? is it too much? is it not enough? The whole shabang is just way too stressful, and there way to much emphasis put on this day- usually by the woman. Luckily, (or unluckily- pending on how you see it) Salsa is single this year so he doesn’t have too much to worry about this crap this year


4. Sports suck this month- Mid Season NBA and NHL games are all that’s on. March Madness is the next biggest sports event and that’s a long ways away.
nothing on

5. The weather is shitty too. Typically one of the coldest months of the year. Spring is not even close.
d rose

6. You’re kind of just all around miserable. Back in the grind of the job/school. No big holidays to really look forward too. The excitement of a new calendar year has worn off.
Life is just plain shitty for the next few weeks.


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