The Streak is over.

January is over. The Streak is over. 19 straight wins.

As someone who’s watched this team all season, I can confirm that they are the real deal. These guys are absolutely RELENTLESS. No superstars, but they do have above average talent at every position. They’re long, they play defense, they share the ball, and they believe in coach Bud, who was just named coach of the month for the second consecutive month. One of the crazier things about the streak is that up until the 18th game, they had a 10 point lead in every game. They aren’t just getting lucky and squeaking by teams, they are BLOWING THE DOORS OFF TEAMS. People chirp all day about how good the Western Conference is…but what did the hawks do against them? Just a casual 12-0 against the west during the streak, beating all the best teams out there handily. This team will 100% play Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals which will probably be our toughest opponent. After we beat Cleveland we’ll probably play Golden State or Dallas in the finals and win in 6 games. You heard it here first. In my entire life watching Atlanta Sports, I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite teams, I’ve ever watched.

17-0 in January for the best month of all time.

During the Streak, the hawks twitter account added a ‘w’ for each win. It looked like this:

too many ws

We ended up getting too many ‘W”s for twitters 18 character limit.

now it has reverted to:
fun while it lasted

This team got me thinking about the greatest teams in Atlanta sports history and here’s what popped in my mind off the top of my head.

Salsa’s Favorite Atlanta Sports teams in the past 20 years:

1. 1995 Braves (won world series)
2. 2014-15 Hawks (will win NBA Finals)
3. 1999 Braves (Ran into a Yankee Buzzsaw in the World Series, and lost)
4. 1998 Falcons (Got smoked in the Superbowl to Elway)
5. 2012 Falcons (One play away from the Superbowl)

PS- Suck it Dan Gilbert.
hawks have 3 all stars


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