Lance Armstrong is the biggest piece of shit.

So it just came out that Lance Armstrong got drunk, hit some cars, left the scene and then tried to get his girlfriend take the blame. This is just the latest incident in a long line of Lances’ troubles. My question remains: is there a bigger Fraud than Lance?
lance girl

Do you remember these things?
Sure, great that he beat cancer, and great that he raised a bunch of money for cancer research, but this guy is absolutely terrible.

1. He’s a cheater- been using steriods/needles since 1998.
2. He’s a liar- dude bent the truth for a decade and even lied under oath.
3. He’s a pompous asshole, follow his twitter for pics like this.
lance twitter
…and captions like this “just laying around”
4. He still has “7 X TdF champ” in his Twitter Bio- Fuck you dude. You are not a “champion” of anything, and I could beat french bikers too if I was using multiple horse tranquilizers.
5. He was an “inspiational story line” in 2 DVD’s sitting on my shelf right now.

You me and Dupree (a severely UNDERrated movie in my opinion):

and Dodgeball (a severely OVERrated movie in my opionon):

Everything this guy does rubs me the wrong way.
Lance if you could go back to 1995 would you cheat again?
Lance: “I’d probably cheat again”

…yeah no shit
lance worth

lance nike

PS- It’s interesting that Big Cat just published this blog at the same time i was about to.
Bigcat’s blog link on lance click here

His take was: his brain only works one way. Deny, deny, deny. He respects that lance owns that he’s a piece of garbage.


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