Salsa’s superbowl props take you into Superbowl weekend

I’ll Keep it short and simple here. Here’s your Sunday winners.

First, click here for Pwagon’s props, and click here for a superbowl dip that will knock your fucking socks off.

Now lets win some money.
National Anthem: OVER 122.5 SECONDS +115
Bellichick Hoodie color: Blue +155
Hoodie style: SLEEVES +170 STONE COLD LOCK
Katy Perry wardrobe: Pants/shorts/anyother +165
Katy Perry Hair: Black/Brown +150
Show Cleavage: No +350
Marshawn Lynch Croch Grab: NO -400
Nielsen TV Rating: Under 47.5 -145 STONE COLD LOCK
Gatorade on Winning Coach: CLEAR +250

SEATTLE to win
1st Half UNDER 24
1st Qtr tie at end: YES +280
Coin toss: HEADS -101
Seahawks to win coin toss -101
winner of coin toss to win game: NO -101
Either team score in first 5.5 minutes? YES +110
Team to score first? NE -120
1st score (either team) will be: TD -150
Longest TD: UNDER 44.5 yards
Either team to score in the last 2 mins of 1st half? YES -250
Team to commit first penalty: SEA -150
both teams to make 32+ yard FGs: YES -115
total sacks BOTH TEAMS: UNDER 4.5 -125
Total TD’s in the game: OVER 5.5 -105
Will there be OT: NO -800
Total interceptions (both teams): OVER 1.5 -155
Defensive or Special Teams TD? YES +150



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