The toilet desk

First off, I want to apologize to my readers for my lack of effort recently. You’ve been getting D+ effort and C- Content. No excuses from me, I just haven’t been in the blogging zone recently. I’m about to change that because you’re about to be getting a flurry of blogs on a wide variety of topics. I’ll do my best, as always, to keep them entertaining for you.

I’m sitting here on my throne right now and I just had the greatest idea for an invention ever. It would be a fold out desk that you could use while sitting on your toilet. I’m baffled as to why nobody has thought of this sooner. This could be my shark tank.

(does google research)

Apparently this idea has been patented as of March 2011.

the description is pretty good:

    “A toilet users rollable desk for A compact personal office desk for the commode user. The toilet users rollable desk generally includes A desk that provides the toilet user with a space between the knees and legs to read, write, use the computer and store personal items as well as a shelf to place coffee or nourishment. The toilet users rollable desk is also able to store toilet tissue, hold reading material and be conveniently moved in front of the commode user for all processes to be best utilized in the large, average or small toilet commode area.”

also this is their diagram:
t desk patent

i was thinking my folding desk would look similar to this (but on a smaller scale):

t desk 2

I’m not a lawyer, or a very smart person for that matter, but if i create something like the second picture can the guys with the copyright technically sue me??? I’m legitimately curious. If you know the answer, hit me up on Twitter @Salsastoolie


7 thoughts on “The toilet desk”

  1. No, I won’t sue you for making a table that sits in front of the user on the toilet . . . my patent is strongest in the fact that it “fits between your legs” if you don’t use that part of the design or that type of description you’re okay. Besides, I’m all for the small inventor, if you get a good idea, go for it, I’m looking for the large corporation to license my product from me, not running around trying to sue guys like you and I – we gotta stick together 🙂 Good luck, Brian Wylie – owner of Toilet Users Rollable Desk .com.

    1. Good to know Brian. Just so you know, I’m not actually trying to make these desks. It was more of a cool idea, and I’m glad to hear your out there making it happen. Keep me updated on how things progress with your company. Thanks for reading and Good Luck my friend. –Salsa

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