i want to do a sleep study

I’ll try to make this a quick simple blog, but I feel like it’s finally time for me to do a sleep study.

I read the entirety of an “ask me anything” about a dude who did a 32 day sleep study and got paid $9,000.
here’s the link if you’re interested. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2tn4hw/iama_23yr_male_that_completed_a_32_day_sleep/

Here are the highlights from the article.

    1. he was hooked up to wires pretty much the whole time.
    2. he was monitored for 32 days in a constructed sleep chamber (no windows, no clocks), and had no access to phone, internet, or time keeping devices. they had him on a 13 hours up 6 hours sleep schedule to test circadian rhythms.
    3. he found the ad on craigslist, but it was offered by through a hospital.
    4. they screened him for 3 weeks before he was offered the opportunity to take part in the study.
    5. he ate normal food, completed daily tests and examinations.
    6. he was completely secluded and couldn’t go outside.

This study reminded me of an article i read a while back about NASA paying people to do a sleep study– that one was for $18,000 but it was 3 months of work. still not too shabby.

Someone asked him how he found it, and he explained that he searched “sleep study in (insert city)”. going to try that now, and i’ll report back.

if anything else, it will make for great blog material- stay tuned….


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