Some Bitch from Stanford got $2.1 million to make a more upscale version of Tinder

So this chick is getting paid 2.1 million dollars to make a more sophisticated and upscale version of tinder for the most driven, interesting, serious and successful people of the world. Okay fine.
tinder chick

Lets Role Play a little Shark Tank Scenario:

    Salsa: I like the idea, but lets talk numbers. What do you numbers look like?

    Chick: Well lets see, “Since November, the app has paired 20,000 people, resulting in 19 couples”
    (this isn’t exaggerated at all- that is a real quote from that article)

    Salsa: Assuming that half those are guys and half those are girls, you’re telling me that out of 10,000 potential couples- you’ve produced 19. Seems low.

    Chick: Maybe, but we used LinkedIn to see if their worthy though!

    Salsa: you do realize that 19/10000= 0.19% chance of finding someone good enough to date. Your success rate doesn’t even amount to One fifth of ONE PERCENT right?

    *Chick walks out the door*

That was fun. Who the hell are these people that put up all these ridiculous amounts of cash for mediocre to below average ideas with absolutely no history of success? $2.1 million. Mind blowing.

FYI- That briefcase is what $2 million in cash looks like.

mind blown


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