News that will make you sick: Ship your enemies Glitter site sold for $85,000


A couple days ago I wrote this blog about what a genius this glitter dude was. I couldn’t have been more spot on with my analysis in the back half of that blog.

This guy made a site, it went viral- immediately put the site on sale after suspending orders at about $20,000 and now I just found out that he sold the fucking site for $85,000

That is absurd. The world we live in today is unreal. You have poor guys working minimum wage jobs grinding out 60+ hours a week making just over 20K/year, and then you have this snot nosed 22 year old kid making a joke website and selling it for 5 times that in less than a week.

I really wish this didn’t bother me as much as it does. It’s such a simple idea, and the site was so shitty- why couldn’t I have just thought that up?

My analysis: Smart move by the kid.
-Imitator websites came out of the woodwork almost immediately
-He capitalized by selling the site at it’s peak of internet fame- the internet will move on to something else next week
-He was bound to run into problems shipping this internationally from Australia (majority of buyers i’m guessing were here in the USA)
-He would most likely face some sort of lawsuit or legal recourse at some point

So Great move by him, and I’ll say it again- do your damn thing glitter dude. 85K ain’t bad for a weeks effort. Take the rest of the year off.

cheers leo


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