Million Dollar App idea

So I actually had this idea a while back, but forgot about until today.

The premise of the app is so simple.
At it’s core, it’s an app that serves one purpose. It’s going to insult your disgusting ass.

Stay with me. it’s an application that insults you and pushes you to go to the gym, work out, or go running. Even Better, it will have a feature where you can log your food, and it will insult what you eat too.

The app would toss out simple zingers that cut to the bone.
Haven’t been to the Gym in a few days?
“Get off your lazy fat ass and go do something with your life you pussy”
Skip a day of running?
“hey bitch, you gonna run today or just be a disgusting piece of shit”
Eat something unhealthy?
“have fun trying to fit your disgusting cottage cheese lumpy ass in those pants tomorrow”
No workout?
“you are a pathetic excuse for a human”

Here’s the kicker. It would have a “create your own insult” page where you could submit a zinger. The best ones will be implemented to the app’s internal insult rotation™. This will keep users entertained with new material, so they don’t hear the same insults over and over again.

count dat dough

PS- MOTHERFUCKER! it exists.
but it doesn’t have the internal insult rotation technology of my idea…


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