The Creator of “Ship Your Enemies Glitter” is a BITCH

So this site went viral yesterday.


I’ll be honest, I loved the idea from the get-go. Apparently a lot of other people did too because the site went viral and crashed because it couldn’t handle the web traffic & orders.

I’ve now done a complete 180 on this guy who created this site. At first, I loved him. How could you not with answers like this on his FAQ page (i underlined the important parts):

glitter FAQ

Hilarious. Anybody who calls their potential customers a fucking idiot, and describes their site as a “shit hole of a website” is awesome. The world needs more dudes like this. If you don’t see the humor in that I don’t even want to know you. I’d hire him based on that answer alone. Phenomenal.

So why am I calling him a bitch?

Well I woke up to this article which says that they glitter site dude is asking people to stop buying his product. His statement reads: “Hi guys, I’m the founder of this website. Please stop buying this horrible glitter product — I’m sick of dealing with it. Sincerely, Mat.”

ryan confused

wait…whaaa?!? FUCK YOU DUDE! you hit the internet lottery and aren’t even cashing in. You did what companies have entire marketing departments trying so desperately to do. You went viral. You have more free publicity than you could ever imagine, and you’re acting like a little bitch about it. Who in the fuck actually asks people to stop buying their product?? You are a moron. People are paying you 10 bucks to ship an envelope full of glitter. Suck it up, shut the fuck up, and get over it.

If you’re familiar with SalsaSpeaks, you know that I always go do a little extra investigating. I found this guy’s twitter @matcarpenter and it looks like he is trying to sell the site.

full disclosure: i haven’t looked at this dude yet, but i’m guessing he’s a 24 year old frat dude looking mother fucker just based on the verbiage he uses on the site. lets take a look.

glitter dude

close, but not quite. we have a 22 year-old hipster (should’ve guessed) who describes himself as: “22 years old and I live for the moolah! Also love business, design, SEO and social media!”

Here’s a curve ball, but I looked at glitter dudes personal website, and now I’m starting to actually respect this guy. He’s essentially a blogger who makes money online. He’s also written a book about SEO and flipping websites that you can buy at

How can I hate on a cool smart Aussie dude who’s just doing his thing, making cash and blogging about it. The dude wrote a book. (What have you done Salsa?-oh that’s right… Jack Shit)

I fundamentally cannot hate on that. I should have done my research before blogging about you. I’m saying it now: I’M SORRY for calling you a bitch in the title of this post, but I was operating under the assumption that this would be your one shot at something that you happened to luck into. After reading your blog, it seems like it was only a matter of time before one of your sites/investments took off. You seem to have a future ahead of you, so I don’t blame you (as much) for trying to sellout now.

Now my queston is: How much does this site sell for? People are obviously interested, but it’s only been online for 48 hours.

The internet is a hell of a place, man. Get an idea, create a “shit hole” site, make $20K+ sales in a day, sell the site. Gotta love it. Fellow bloggers gotta stick together, so play on glitter dude- do your damn thing.

cheers leo


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