The Uber Receipt heard round the world…A Salsa Investigation

By now you’ve heard the news, because it’s plastered on every blog/news site across America. If you’ve been living under a rock, the story goes like this.

Some Ole Miss bro went to the peach bowl in Atlanta on New Years Eve, blacked out and took an Uber back to his home (by mistake) in Mississippi. He woke up with a $908 uber bill. His tweets below made the rounds on the internet yesterday/today. Immediately, I thought they were fake.

908 uber

Fake right? but then this picture was posted and added a little more legitimacy…

uber bank statement

Salsa still wasn’t buying this bullshit story so decided to get to the bottom of it himself. Here’s what he uncovered. Surprising how the facts seemed to be wildly misrepresented across the major news sources that did articles on this story- DO SOME FACT CHECKING ONE TIME- Here are the facts of the story.

1. The receipt is real. (they were legit charged this during surge pricing on NYE)
2. There were 4 people in the car total (not just one drunk dude)
3. All 4 of them fell asleep in the car
4. The Ole Miss dude didn’t even give the Uber driver the address- it was some chick, who was apparently already in the car. Why would he question the address if she’d already given it?
5. Uber is working on fixing the miscommunication (probably comping the ride/bill- this publicity is more than worth it anyhow- no such thing as bad publicity)
6. Even if they do end up having to pay the bill, if you split it 4 ways, that’s only like $227 a pop. Yeah it sucks, but it’s not dropping a grand on one bullshit ride. I bet there’s a ton of idiots who willing paid that fee in NYC or LA on NYE.
7. He didn’t “wake up in Mississippi”- he woke up after an hour and a half in the car in Alabama.
8. He realized that they weren’t going the right way, so the uber driver took them back.
9. In his own words, “I didn’t take an Uber across two states. I took an Uber across one state line twice.” that state line is alabama and for those who don’t know the geography of GA/ALA it’s exactly 1 hour and 9 minutes to the Georgia/Alabama Border
Alabama Boarder
10. If he realized it 1.5 hours in, that means that they were probably in the car for only 3 hour total during they highest “Surge pricing” on NYE (reciept shows 2:21 am)
surge pricing
11. He eventually got taken back and dropped off at The Ritz Carlton back in Atlanta which is one of the nicest hotels in the City. (you can’t even reserve NYE 2016 on their site as it’s already booked up- i tried)

My Theory: He’s probably protecting his Girlfriend who fucked all this shit up. If you check the dudes twitter (@joboo662), he’s really not saying much about it. I think he’s playing it well. It’s actually his cousin (@ompowderblues) who’s retweeting everything that mentions the story

12. Since I’ve started writing this blog expose, i’m going back and re-reading these articles out there, and now that the true story is starting to trickle out, they are all scrambling to edit what they wrote this morning. It is truly an interesting to watch all these idiots backpedal and revise what they had written. They all started out “guy takes cab from GA to MS” now it’s just “Guy has a large uber bill”- not quite the click-bate they want, but facts don’t lie.

13. Apparently Uber idiots cousin has a T-Shirt Business?!?! it’s if you’re interested. THat’s why he’s been Retweeting stories like a mad man all day- ALL ABOUT DAT PUB BABY! well guess what buddy?? i got a blog that just so happens to need a T-Shirt Guy. Lets see what you got! shoot me a design for a SalsaSpeaks Shirt and we’ll talk numbers bro. HMU @salsastoolie

PS- On second thought… never mind dude.
tshirt guy


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