Can Someone Please Explain this to me?

So this Chick is the #1 pornstar in the world?

Wait…Whaaa?!? am I missing something here?
I’m being dead ass serious. She’s cute sure. Skinny chick, huge fake tits, sucks a mean dick, takes it like a champ. That’s great and all, but there are literally 1,000,000 chicks that do the same thing and are 10 times hotter than this broad.

She looks like a random starbucks barista that is working for $6.58/hr. Just for fun i googled “Starbucks Barista” and clicked images and this was the first thing that popped upstarbucks barista

Cha-Ching! Yup! Give me the barista 10/10 times. I honestly think that random starbucks broad is hotter than that porn star. I’m not even basing it on the fact that she hasn’t sucked miles of dick on camera for the entire world to see. She’s legitimately more attractive than Mia.

Come to think of it, I tweeted out this random chick from ASU last night who is much sexier than both these chicks.
rando ASU
I’ll never understand how chicks like Mia Kahlifa become the number 1 porn star in the world, and chicks like this chick from ASU sit in their bedrooms taking selfies and watching netflix.

Now cue the motha fuckin music

♫ Mee-Ah-Kal-LEAF-ah ♪


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