The Best Week in the History of the Atlanta Hawks

Hey do you remember when I told you to scrape up all your money and drop it on the hawks to win it all this year?

Remember when you laughed in my face? no? i do…

For all you haters out there, lets run down the greatest week in the history of Atlanta Hawks Basketball.

1st- Hawks are ranked the best team in basketball ranked by ESPN

hawks 1

2nd- Coach Mike Budenholzer wins NBA Coach of the Month. (and he’ll win coach of the year in a few months).

mike bud

3rd- Jeff Teague wins player of the week- 23.7 pts, 8.3 assists, 4.0 rebs, 2.7 stls


4th- The Hawks are 18-2 in their last 20 games, and #1 in the East for the latest in the season since April 1994. They’ve won seven straight against the Western Conference, the Hawks led the East in scoring (107.3 ppg) and steals (10.3 spg) for the week.

5th- Swipe Right Night- Hawks are hosting a Tinder night where a 15 dollar ticket comes with a $10 food voucher. That’s fucking STEAL.

Swipe right Night

6th- Hawks are trying to sell the team, and one of the prospective buyers??? THIS GUY!


still making money off that *finger wag*
finger wag

look alive kid!


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