In a bigger move than what the Cavs/Knicks/Thunder did, Salsa and I have negotiated terms with three new bloggers. All three of whom are loyal BSTC members (where I had my humble beginnings) and have the right blend of energy to expand this brand to the next level. This is coming off a day where the blog hit an all time high in views and have a few new followers (Emily for 4 days, I see you girl). Without further ado here are our new team members…

*shmoney dance break*

Rachel: Our first female blogger, resident culture expert, wine drinker.
Griz: Ohio State Fan, Founding member of the Braves Chirp Crew, Wildcard.
Ben: The muscle of the salsaspeaks group. Has stories for days revolving around beachchairs and whoopie pies.

This brings our humble blog up to 5 bloggers #expandthebrand taking off in a big way for 2015. Looking forward to seeing what gets put out there.

Until next time

time is a flat circle


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